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"We were very happy with our building. Your company was very helpful and all the guys did a real good job. Our Building Specialist was very helpful and he kept us informed with the construction of our building, he also gave me good advice."

  • - Carl.
  • Indianapolis, IN



Success Stories...

"During the ice storm a couple of local post frame structures collapsed. My Blitz Building held up under the ice and I even had four large limbs as big around as my waist break and fall onto the roof, amazingly NO
DAMAGE!!   My home did not fare as well with the limbs. I have been asked by several home owners to inspect my garage and they left impressed and miffed that their garage wasn't nearly as well built for the price. I equate Blitz to Carhartt, you get exactly what you paid for, not a shoddy corner cutting building with a pretty face, she's solid!!"



                                                                           Hartford, Ky


"Very nice people to work with! Construction crew did a very nice job.  I would highly recommend your company!"


                                                                           Ross, Oh


"The carport and building looks great!  The crew did a great job and we are very happy with everything.  I would recommend Blitz to anyone interested in a building! Thank you!

                                                                           Randy & Patty

                                                                           Edinburg, Il


"Very nice building and we are extremely pleased!  Thanks!"


                                                                           Danville, In


"We are extremely pleased with our building.  We were pleasantly surprised at how fast our building was erected.  The building crew was exceptional.  When we need another building, you will be the one who gets our buisness!  We highly recomend Blitz Builders!


                                                                              Fairmont, Wv


"We've had several comments on how nice the building is. The "Building Inspector" was very pleased with the end results!"


                                                                                Mt Washington, Ky


"All phases of the building process were great! Blitz met and exceeded all expectations.  We are very pleased and happy with the whole experience."


                                                                                Owenton, Ky


"We are very happy with our building. Thank you for the excellent job by everyone in the company!"


                                                                                Cox's Creek, Ky

"We will be happy to spread our wonderful experience with Blitz Builders to all those who are interested.  Due to the structure and performance of our first two buildings, we have already purchased a third.  Thanks for everything!"


                                                                              Halls, Tn .

"I am very happy with my Blitz building!  The quality and appearance are superb!  Thanks!


                                                                                  Adams, Tn

"We are very happy with our building. We are planning to get another building for our commercial property next year.  The guys were great!


                                                                                   Soddy Daisey, Tn

"I have already passed your name to several people that were very impressed with our building!


                                                                                    North Lewisburg, Oh

"This is our second "Blitz" building. Both times we were happy with the buildings and the whole process. We will recommend Blitz to others.  Thanks!


                                                                                  Greencastle, In


"We love our building! It is perfect for what we intend to use it for. I was impressed with how smoothly the construction went and how timely it was completed.  The crew not only worked hard, even to dark sometimes, but seemed to take real pride in doing a good job.  Thank you so much for all; a great building, a dedicated crew and accomplishing it so fast. We will definitely reccommend Bltz


                                                                                Thomasboro, Ill


"I was very impressed with the enitre Blitz Experience! The crew, salesman and office personel were excellent.  I will recommend your company to every one that I talk to.  Thanks!


                                                                                   Cynthiana, KY                                                                                           



"We are very happy with our building. Your company was very helpful adn all the guys did an excellent job!  The crew was very helpful and kept me informed with the construction process!  Thanks!


  • Indianapolis, IN


"I am very pleased with my barn. I have two barns built now, and if I have another one built, I would use Blitz again!"

  • - Howard
  • Dickson, IN

"I am very satisfied with my new Blitz Building! Everyone that looks at this building is impressed with it as well. Every phase of my new Blitz Building was handled with professionalism and courtesy. I am very proud to show off my building. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Quality like this is very hard to find in today’s fast paced lifestyle."

  • - J.P.
  • Spraggs, PA

"We were very pleased with the building. Our Building Specialist was great to deal with."

  • - Kathy.
  • Brownsburg, IN

"I have already passed your name to several people and I believe one person has already called and at least 2 more are planning to. After they saw our barn, there were impressed and we gave a big thumbs up for the construction crew. They were courteous and hard working, plus respectful."

  • - Jay.
  • N. Lewisburg, OH

"We were pleased with Blitz Builders. We will tell people about your good work!"

  • - Thomas.
  • Greencastle, IN

"Great work guys! You’ve impressed me!

  • - Thomas.
  • Terre Haute, IN

"We were very happy with our building. Your company was very helpful and all the guys did a real good job. Our Building Specialist was very helpful and he kept us informed with the construction of our building, he also gave me good advice."

  • - Carl.
  • Indianapolis, IN

"We are very well pleased with our building. It’s very nice. We have had several comments on it!"

  • - Glen.
  • Old Town, KY

"If I need anything else built, I’ll call Blitz!"

  • - Joe.
  • Galion, OH

"Blitz built me a building that exceeded my expectations! I am VERY happy with it. I have never seen a crew that worked together like ours did. They had it up in about 7 hours, and it was done right. Blitz should value the crew that built my building. I can’t say enough about them. My building specialist was also very knowledgeable, and helpful. Thanks!"

  • - Joe.
  • Waynesburg, KY

We are very pleased with our Blitz building. Everyone that came to work on it was extremely courteous and did an excellent job."

  • - Jim.
  • Stanton, KY

"Well pleased with my building, both during construction, and upon completion. Would be glad to recommend Blitz to anyone looking for a new building!"

  • - Bill.
  • Athens, TN

"I thought the crew did a nice job. Our building is square and level."

  • - Tim.
  • Grayville, ILL

"Very good job. Building looks great. Don’t be afraid to show my building off!"

  • - James.
  • Powell, TN

"Do you put metal roofs on houses? You did such a great job on my building; I would love for your company to roof my house!"

  • - Fred.
  • Kingston, TN

"We were very pleased. The best crew I have ever seen work. Thanks You!"

  • - Cody.
  • Parkersburg, WV

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