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The House That Ray Built

In planning for retirement and the big move, we both agreed the house Ray built, could not be a house that required painting. As I mentioned before, Ray does not paint. (Well, out of necessity, he has started painting the bee boxes he makes for his Honey Bees' hives.)


One day we decided to do a search online of metal buildings. Since our children had gone to a Christian school, and the school and church were metal buildings, we had commented how these buildings would make a low maintenance, very livable, home. I had kidded Ray that if we ever built a house we should build a metal one and put wood inside like a mountain cabin- no painting for him.


We found a house we liked on a barn website. It had been built at a horse farm. But, we chose another builder to put up our house. Perhaps we should have called it a "barn raising" since the foreman of our project kept referring to our house as "the barn." One day I asked John if he realized he was calling our fine retirement home a barn! John continued to call the front porch the "front, side shed" and the side porch, he referred to as the "side, side shed." We still chuckle over the names- but sitting out on the "side sheds" in our rocking chairs is just as much fun as sitting on the fanciest veranda!


By November 2003, Blitz Builders had delivered and built a 34 x 81 building. Our friends from Triple C Excavators, had leveled the property, brought in, and spread gravel for the concrete floor and porches. Ray laid the block for the porches and put insulation and rebar down and the concrete was poured.


We were living in the mobile home which was two feet away from the side, side shed. But Ray was working hard and had a "helper."


To be continued.....