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Quality is affordable. 1-800-628-1324

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Blitz Builders apart from our competitors?

  • Blitz Builders has been in the custom post frame construction business since 1981 and we have constructed well over 12,000 buildings to date.
  • Blitz Builders provides a service to you by using local building specialists who are available to sit down with you, listen to your needs, and discuss alternatives and options that fit your needs. These building specialists will do a site evaluation and discuss site preparation requirements. Each building specialist has a photo album to show you buildings that we have constructed and to use in helping to make final purchase decisions. The building specialist will write the contract and carefully review that contract and other important documents with you. The building specialist becomes your contact and your advocate as the building is constructed.
  • Our post, truss and purlin spacing is engineered to withstand snow and wind load requirements throughout the areas in which we build. The trusses are engineered using the latest truss software, and they are constructed with the highest grade of lumber available.
  • End wall posts are run to the top chord of the truss giving greater overall strength to the building by preventing racking or creeling of the roof system.
  • Blitz Builders is one of the few post frame builders who routinely place anchor pads at the foot of the support posts. This serves to hold the building in the ground and resists wind uplift.
  • Blitz Builders uses only first quality metal in a variety of preferred colors.
  • The standard trim package on Blitz Buildings is more extensive than most of our competitors. This package results in a building more pleasing to the eye and tighter than most.
  • Metal is attached using color matched screws. The use of screws versus nails gives approximately 20% greater holding power.
  • By making high volume purchases from a reputable long time supplier Blitz Builders is able to acquire higher quality lumber than is typically available to the general public. Though insignificant to the untrained eye this allows us to construct a better building for you.
  • Blitz Builders only uses construction personnel who have gone through our annual builder certification program and who have shown the ability to construct high quality buildings. We constantly evaluate constructed buildings and provide additional training year round.

Why should I choose post frame over steel frame?

  • Steel buildings generally require engineered footers and foundations beneath the support columns as opposed to simply drilling a post hole, pouring in dry concrete mix and setting posts. There are a lot greater costs associated with the engineered footers and foundations as well as an additional time required to dig, pour, and attach to that footer/foundation.
  • Steel conducts heat and cold – therefore the steel frame buildings will require more heating in the winter, air conditioning in the summer. Wood serves to insulate against heat and cold.
  • Interior construction can be completed using commonly available building materials and commonly available construction methods ( you do not have to get someone from a local steel workers union to come and attach the interior studs or girts to the red steel framework in order to complete your building )
  • Wood is a renewable resource – Steel is an extractive finite resource (recyclable, but not renewable) – once the iron ore and other ingredients are removed from the earth they are gone but we can and do plant more trees every day.


Do I need to have the building pad level?

  • A level site is preferred and will save a lot of headaches and problems during and after construction. Your Blitz Builders building specialist will provide and review site preparation guidelines when he meets with you.
  • Our strongest recommendation is that you require your excavation contractor to provide a level site. The use of a string level or a transit must be used to determine this as no one can consistently determine grade with the naked eye.
  • If the site is no more that 8” “off grade” construction methods do allow us to construct your building with standard materials that we have shipped to the jobsite.


What happens if Blitz Builders begins construction of my building and they determine that the building is more than 8” out of level?

  • Construction sites which are more that 8” out of level present a problem in that we cannot set posts to the desired depth and we cannot adequately construct a building using the materials which we have already shipped.
  • If you know that you site will not be on level grade and wish to have your building constructed “off grade” simple tell your building specialist this when you initially meet with him so he can determine the length of the posts required in order to compensate for the additional height and still set your posts at the proper depth. He will include that in the contract and that will let us know the correct length of posts to ship to the jobsite. This often requires you to do additional backfill both inside and outside the building after construction is complete.
  • If you do not know until we arrive to construct the building that the site is “off grade” beyond 8” we will have to delay construction, charge a pull off fee, order new materials, and charge you for those new materials as well as the costs of delivering those materials to the site. • Again, our strongest recommendation is that you require your excavation contractor to provide a level site. The use of a string level or a transit must be used to determine this as no one can consistently determine grade with the naked eye.

Can I pour a concrete slab in the building after the construction is complete?

  • Yes, this is often done. Actually, we prefer to do it this way. Not only does it give you a better finish to your building, it also serves to further anchor your building to the ground.

Can Blitz Builders build a post frame building on an existing concrete slab?

  • Yes. We often are requested to construct on an existing slab and can marry the building to the slab in a variety of ways. We do advise our customer that the preferred method is to construct the building first, then pour the slab. The second preferred method is to cut through the concrete at the locations where the poles are to be set, to set the poles at normal depth and then to back pour the concrete in those cut areas. This provides a better anchor in the ground and does not put undue stress on the concrete pad.
  • If you truly desire a building anchored to a concrete slab, the slab should be a “monolithic slab” with additional thickness around the perimeter at the locations where the posts will be attached to the slab. Otherwise the slab is likely to crack as the entire weight of the building is carried by the posts which rest on that part of the slab.

Do I need to have a building permit to have a post frame building constructed on my property?

  • The only way to determine permit and code requirements is to check with the permit and codes department for your local jurisdiction. The requirement for permits depends on rules established by your state and local codes jurisdiction. In some cases no permit is required. In some cases permits may be required for only certain types of properties. In some cases properties zoned as “agricultural” fall under different rules and may be exempted from permit requirements even if other types of properties require a permit. In some cases both local and state permits are required.
  • If you determine that permits are required you should also ask if there are any specific code requirements that dictate construction materials or building methods. If specific code requirements exist you should provide information to your building specialist when he arrives to discuss your building.
  • Often where permits are required there are inspections associated with that process. You should ask about the number and type of inspections required and provide this information to your building specialist when he arrives to discuss your building.

Can Blitz Builders make any changes to their construction in order to meet local building codes?

  • Absolutely. When you work with your building specialist and provide him with this detail he will be able to take this into account as he develops your building price.

Can Blitz Builders install an overhead door in my building?

  • Yes, we offer overhead door installation in some areas. If we do not install overhead doors in your particular area, your building specialist will help you find a dealer/installer.


• In areas where we do not install overhead doors, we will trim out and properly prepare your framed opening for you installer.

Do I need to have electricity at the job site?

  • We prefer that electricity is provided within 50’ of the jobsite. However, if electricity is not available let your building specialist know and he will make arrangements for the crew to bring a generator.

What happens if the builders encounter rock while digging the holes?

  • Most construction sites in our area allow for ease of hole preparation with normal equipment and within normally allotted hours for construction. However, we sometimes encounter rock or other items that hinder the process. Blitz Builders will strive to use normal hand tools to dig these obstructions out by hand. However, if equipment rental and/or down time result from foundation hole preparation the purchaser will be responsible for the extra labor at a rate of $25 per hour plus the cost of any required rental equipment. The labor portion shall not exceed an amount equal to $25 per post hole times the total number of post holes required for the entire building.

How should I ventilate my building?

  • Options for ventilation are quite extensive and include ridge vents, cupolas, vented soffit, gable vents, louvered fans to name just a few.
  • Requirements for ventilation vary depending upon the intended use and should be discussed with your building specialist.

Can I purchase a material kit from Blitz Builders and construct the building myself?

  • Yes, Blitz Builders sells a large number of material packages each year.

Why don’t you have a price list?

  • We don’t offer a price list because we custom build to your specifications and we do not wish to limit your choices by having only a few pre-priced “packages”.
  • Your building specialist will meet with you, discuss your need, make some suggestions based on his experience, review the options and price the building that is designed specifically for you.

If I use painted metal on my building, can I use more than one color?

  • Yes, you may use up to 3 colors on your building. We allow a color selection for the roof, a color for the walls and a third color for the trim. If you have a sliding door it must match one of those 3 colors. We strive to customize your building to please you.

What is the difference between 29 gauge metal and 26 gauge metals?

  • To the average person there is no apparent difference, and 29 gauge is the thickness that is the standard for our industry. 26 gauge metals are from .001 to .004 thicker than 29 gauge metal. The 26 gauge can be substituted at an additional price.

Is there any advantage in using Galvalume metal instead of Galvanized Metal?

  • Galvalume is aluminum – zinc alloy coating that was developed to give the greater corrosion resistance of aluminum and the edge coating properties of zinc. It is applied to the raw steel through a continuous hot dip process.
  • Galvalume durability, edge protection, and resistance to corrosion is said to be twice that of galvanized metal.
  • Galvalume coated steel also offers exceptional heat reflectivity properties.

Do I need to send a deposit when I order a building?

  • Yes, a portion of the contract amount is required when you sign your contract. This provides us with assurance needed for Blitz Builders to invest time in processing the contract, and to invest money in ordering and assembling the materials for shipment.


Once I sign a contract, how long does it take before construction begins?

  • Lead times between signing of the contract and initiation of construction vary depending on the time of year, the weather, whether permits are required, the other contracts to be fulfilled ahead of your contract, and even the complexity and type of materials required to construct your building.
  • Most legitimate builders require a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks to process the contract, order materials, and stage for shipment. But during periods of good weather and strong economy lead times increase significantly.
  • Your building specialist is kept current as to the estimated lead time. He will provide that information during your initial discussion and again at the time of contract signing.

Will I need to pay any additional taxes for my building?

  •  The price quoted to you by your building specialist will include the cost of the building, delivery, and any applicable sales taxes required by your state or local jurisdiction.

Can I use my farm tax exemption number?

  • Since these buildings are attached to the property and become permanent assets farm tax exemptions typically do not apply.
  • We suggest that you contact a professional tax consultant about other tax advantages that might be gained.

What type of insulation does Blitz Builders use to insulate the building?

  • We most frequently use rolled reflective foil insulation. It is easy to install, reduces condensation, reduces inside heat gain, and gives a clean and washable finish.
  • Other insulation types are available upon request. These may be discussed with your building specialist.

What is the life span of the treated posts?

  • Blitz Builders uses .6 treated posts. In most cases, except in commercial applications, the treater offers a lifetime warranty.


Does Blitz Builders offer the turn key program?

  • Blitz Builders does offer the turn key program is some areas. If we do not offer turn key in your area, the sales representative will help you find people in your area to complete your building.

Does Blitz Builders offer siding options other than metal?

  • Yes, Blitz Builders does offer more than just metal siding. We offer a vinyl siding, wood siding, and a brick siding.